• Multi-Channel Services

    Multi-Channel Services

    Silverlink delivers multi-channel communications campaigns designed to motivate better health decisions. These campaigns span virtually all communications channels to reach individuals in the most effective way. Our campaigns improve health, build loyalty, and lower costs — and most importantly deliver the optimal consumer experience for all your communications programs.

    Our multi-channel programs integrate email, web, automated voice, mail, SMS text, and live agent call center communications. A fully-integrated call center resource allows us to manage complex, multi-channel communications campaigns that include a human touch. These complex campaigns support business rules, workflow and compliance regulations as well as integration with operations and data management. Campaign outreach results can be viewed in real-time, down to the segment and individual level.

    The end result is a coordinated communications strategy that leverages consumer preferences, past behavioral response, and health data to achieve maximum outcomes.

    Key Features for Multi-Channel Communications

    Integration and coordination of multiple channels of communication

    Integration with operations and data management

    Seamless call center integration

    Business rules, workflow and regulatory compliance support

    Real-time visibility and auditability for all interactions

    Rapid iterative learning through champion/challenger testing

  • Interactive Voice Services

    Interactive Voice

    Silverlink delivers interactive voice services designed to connect and engage the healthcare consumer through personalized, interactive, and HIPAA-compliant communications.

    Our programs support the most basic communications such as, Your new membership card was mailed today, to complex interactions such as, We calculated your Body Mass Index from the numbers you just provided and it's higher than when we spoke last. Would you like to be transferred to a health coach?

    The flexibility of our platform enables us to deliver hundreds of communications programs, ranging from welcome calls, to flu shot and preventive screening reminders, to pharmacy conversion programs, and coordination of benefits. Programs can be executed quickly, changed rapidly to optimize results, and automatically throttled up and down to manage call center traffic. Our advanced features enable us to deliver more complex, one-to-one interactions where we can leverage barrier-breaking and segment-specific messaging, individual preferences and behavioral information to motivate health behavior.

    Voice Solutions. As Unique As Your Audience.

    Silverlink has developed the industry's most advanced interactive voice platform built to match the unique needs of healthcare.

    Interactive, HIPAA-compliant, personalized voice communications

    Dynamic paths, memory and on-call calculations

    Business rules and real-time controls

    Real-time visibility and auditability for all interactions

    Ability to control call times and volumes

    Ability to conduct same-day or next-day campaigns

    Unmatched service availability and highest service track record

    Bi-lingual support

    Customizable reports

Listen In

Silverlink delivers highly interactive automated calls to connect and engage the healthcare consumer.

Flu Shot Reminder Call

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Diabetes Educational Outreach

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