• Consumer Insights

    Consumer Insights

    At Silverlink, our approach to transforming healthcare starts with the individual. By gaining insight into what motivates which people, when and why, we personalize communications to nudge millions of individuals in small, healthier ways. The result: better health and lower costs.

    How do we bring the healthcare consumer into focus? With a proven combination of behavioral science, consumer marketing, and our proprietary communications technology that adapts and improves over time. Our innovative approach has helped the nation's leading healthcare enterprises drive measurable results for their communications programs, and gain a valuable understanding of the consumer.

    We Know the Healthcare Consumer

    Our rich database of consumer knowledge informs all of our communications programs, allowing us to jumpstart your success and continue to improve results.

    Did you know?

    Women on Medicaid are 3 times more likely to get at least one medical screening when they are reminded about three missed screenings.

    Social-norm messaging (savvy consumers like you...) is 20% more effective for people under 50 than for seniors.

    Consumers with high-deductible plans are almost 9 times more likely to have health coverage with multiple health plans.

    Consumer Research

    Monthly Savings to Motivate Health Behavior

  • Technology

    Campaign Management

    Silverlink’s multi-channel campaign management technology manages the intricate logic required to provide an optimal member experience, including business rules related to timing, sequencing channels, frequency and triggers.

    Our platform can execute multiple, simultaneous experiments to support a test-and-learn methodology – so each new touch provides a better member experience than the last. With real-time visibility and control for all interactions, our platform makes it easy to see who has been reached and how they responded. All of these features ensure that the healthcare consumer receives a highly personalized and interactive 'touch', based on their preferences and recent behavioral data.


    EngageME™ Data Manager maintains member profiles, storing not only their contact information, but also communications history and preferences. Profiles are continuously enhanced based upon member activity and engagement. This central repository for engagement data management can be easily accessed and updated across the organization, enabling each communicator to leverage all available information for every member.

    EngageME™ Campaign Manager allows you to use our campaign management technology to coordinate and monitor complex multi-channel campaigns.

    Key Levers to Move
    Consumer Behavior

  • Analytics

    Actionable Analytics

    It's no secret that credit card companies, fast-food chains and casinos all use marketing analytics to drive consumer behavior. At Silverlink, we use these same techniques to motivate healthy behavior.

    It starts with segmentation – understanding that people are different, no two populations are the same, and that your outreach strategy will differ based on the behavior you are trying to motivate. Our test-and-learn methods draw on techniques from the best consumer marketing companies in the world and allow us to rapidly optimize your communications campaigns.

    Analytics and Healthcare Data

    The predictive elements of consumer behavior don't always neatly apply to healthcare. We know from thousands of controlled tests and more than 450 million consumer interactions that health data is far more predictive than demographic data when trying to drive health behaviors.

    That's why we know that what motivates an individual to purchase a flat-panel TV is far different than what motivates them to engage in their health.

    The key data components to an analytics approach for healthcare communications vary based on population, program, and the behavior you are trying to drive.

    Test and Learn Approach

    Driving Consumer Engagement for
    Lifestyle and DM Engagement

  • Expertise

    Meet Some of Our Healthcare Experts

    Our Singular Focus

    At Silverlink, healthcare is our business. For over 10 years, we have provided deep expertise, creative services, and a consumer marketing focus to help our clients understand the nuances of healthcare consumers — and how to best reach, engage and motivate them to act.

    Silverlink has a team of healthcare veterans with a passion for understanding the true drivers of health behaviors. Our team comes from leading healthcare enterprises, including UnitedHealthcare, Humana, CVS Caremark, Express Scripts, Medco, Anthem, McKesson, PharMetrics, Gorman Health Group, Digitas Health, and WebMD. Having worked in executive roles at some of our largest clients, our healthcare experts truly understand the day-to-day challenges you face in reaching your business goals.

    Our Team's Expertise

    Managed Care Operations

    Loyalty and Retention

    Individual Markets

    Pharmacy Conversion

    Medication and Care Plan Adherence

    Population Health & Engagement

    Clinical Messaging & Quality Measures

    Medicare " CMS Compliance

    Medicaid Outreach & Engagement

    Jack Newsom, ScD

    Vice President, Analytics

    “What motivates us to purchase a flat panel TV is far different than what motivates us to engage in our health.”

    Dr. Newsom is responsible for providing the overall vision and execution of Silverlink's analytics strategy. His responsibilities include micro-targeting and segmentation of populations, implementing rigorous research methodologies, and testing (and retesting) communications interventions to maximize the impact of communications programs. He is a "champion" of champion/challenger techniques and analyzing data for unique consumer insights.

    Dr. Newsom was Director of Market Solutions of PharMetrics, Inc., where he led project engagements for large pharmaceutical and biotech companies. He is a lecturer at Boston University School of Public Health. Jack has a BA, an MBA, and an MS from Dartmouth College and a Doctor of Science from Boston University.

  • Service Excellence

    Service Excellence

    Service excellence permeates everything we do - from communications program design to creative development; to delivery and driving results; to the exceptional quality that consumers experience as part of every communications program.

    At Silverlink, we take our commitment to service excellence seriously - so much so that we offer performance-based pricing for many of our solutions. Through this model, we partner with our clients to align business objectives and ensure exceptional program results. We have an unparalleled service record that includes greater than 99.9% system availability. That's just one of many reasons our customers consistently rank us alongside some of the premier service companies in the world.

    A Commitment to Service

    At Silverlink, we measure service on five points of performance:

    Member experience

    Client satisfaction

    Application uptime

    Service quality


    What Our Customers Are Saying

    Silverlink always makes you feel
    like you are their only client.

    They're not just a vendor, they're a strategic partner.

    I value Silverlink because they have excellent understanding of our specific business needs.

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